Thursday, 28 June 2012

Down Time...

This afternoon I was at the library, just starting some work that I should have started a few weeks ago. As I was getting some books, this guy came up to me and said "don't put the books back, we just want you to leave them there" as he pointed to a gap in the shelves. He was a librarian who seemed to be taking his job very seriously. I could not quite make sense of leaving the books out, and having the library staff put them away. I saw where I was getting the books from on the shelf, so it wasn't like I was going to forget and put them in a completely different place. It just got to me how serious he was and the angry look I got from him. I decided to do as he asked, but also randomly pull out extra books, just for the hell of it, and leave them out (he asked for it). This childish behaviour of mine made me feel slightly better. This week my moods have been so up and down. I find myself doing heaps during the day, creating jobs to be done, then crashing at night. Each day I am out and about. I have forgotten the last day I just stayed home. Tomorrow, I have decided will be a stay home, relax and rejuvenate day. Here are the key essentials to a girly relaxing day of pampering...

 Yay! The new issue of Cosmo...July issue...a great read when soaking in the tub

 I got a few of these cute little candles from the warehouse, which go around the bath...very romantic

Winter weather is so drying on the skin. I have been using tonnes of this yummy smelling baby oil in the bath, with bodywash. You come out of the bath looking like a greasy seal, but when the oil has soaked in, its lovely! Don't jump into bed to early though, or your sheets will cop the effects of the oil, and so will your significant other ;) 

This argania hair oil is perfect for distressed hair, caused by constant straightening and curling. I leave it in my hair overnight, and wash it out the next morning. It also smells delicious.

 I got these ugg boots a few weeks ago. I love them..they are super cosy for keeping my feet warm with this winter weather . They are fantastic to put on after a day in heels or boots.

This is my new favourite chocolate. Its a new product from Cadbury. The best way to describe it is a combination of Cadbury's black forest chocolate (minus the biscuit bits) and Cadbury's crunchie chocolate. It is so yum!!! I love the little jelly berry bits, and this block is filled with them. You are basically getting the best of both types of one!!! 

No no no wine this weekend...its going to be all about hot lemon drinks (for a good detox)

Treat yourself to a girly day...
 and EnJoy

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