Friday, 3 February 2012

Emeli Sande, Next to me...

Here is my new favourite singer! I listened to her sing on the Graham Norton show last night and I was blown I am sure most people were...she is so talented.

Here is one of the questions:
You have a great, individual style. Where do you draw your influences from?
To be honest, people on the street, like a lot of my friends I love people who are just confident in themselves, Im not trying to really fit into a certain style I wanna express myself both in my music and my personal style so people who have just got the guts to do what they want when it comes to their style really.

I had to put up this song to share it. I hope she gets a lot of recognition for her singing ability..she deserves it!
check out this website :

Here is her song: Next to me

Her album 'Our version of events' is released on my birthday...yay...February the 13th! Go buy it!!!
Enjoy :) !!

Procrastination at its finest...

"I don't dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living"
                                              - Steven Spielberg

I woke up this morning thinking about a dream that I had last night. It was so strange. In the dream I had to catch a tiny parrot which kept flying around in this small room, by the time I caught it, I saw that it was wearing a little helmet and goggles, like people used to wear when flying with the vintage aviator gear.

(Just combine these pictures, and you get my drift)

 I have heaps of things that I need to get done today, so here I am at my laptop, searching for the meaning behind bird dreams...getting absolutely nothing done...basically its procrastination at its finest. I have always wondered if dreams do actually mean anything, or if its something that will never be understood. Almost like horoscopes, some people believe them, some people don't. I like to think dreams are symbolic in some way, but my logical side rejects this idea and believes there is some scientific purpose for them. Some researchers suggest that dreams serve no real purpose, and some believe that dreaming is "essential to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing". I will leave it up to you to decide (just because I can't figure it out myself). In the meantime, if you do have any dreams involving catching birds...I found out that it could mean a sign of "prosperity, or a happy event in romance or financial matters" (I am happy to settle with that) :)

Happy dreaming