Thursday, 15 December 2011


I heard about this great site when I was listening to the radio last week and  so as my Christmas treat to you all, I wanted to share it. It has some fantastic designer clothes at some very impressive prices, and who doesn't like an amazing deal especially around Christmas time?! It is a member only website and all you need is an invite to check it just follow this link and sign up! Then get browsing!!!

"Imagine ONCE'IT like one of those fanatical designer sample sales – except an online, more convenient version. We go out of our way to bring you the most coveted fashion brands, hand picked ranges and of course those exclusive invite-only prices, right to a screen near you.
  • ONCE'IT features at least three designer sales per week, all exclusively online and all starting at 12 midday. (We recommend you get in quick as stock often sells out faster than an ABBA reunion tour in Stockholm)
  • With up to 70% off and featuring many designers that often do not discount their products or sell online it’s certainly something to tweet about.
  • What started out as just clothing now has moved in to a broad array of the finer things in life, handbags, jewellery, home d├ęcor, shoes, skin care, swimwear – the list goes on.
If by now you’re itching to get in – there is a catch. Membership is by invite-only. The only way to be invited is by an existing member. So if your not a member start being nice to that well-dressed person rushing to their computers at noon, because they may have your invite in".

enjoy :)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Tickled PINK with ROSES

I found myself out in the garden today, enjoying the second day of Summer here in New Zealand. All the roses are out and the garden is looking great. I love cutting the roses just before the petals drop so I can place them around the house and enjoy the sight and the scent of them. Check out my flower arrangments in the pictures below. My Mum gave me the dishes which used to be used as serving platters, I haven't used them in ages, so I thought they would make a great alternative to a vase for the flowers.
WARNING:  If you don't like the colour pink...look away now;)

 Roses are a fantastic way to brighten up your home. Never underestimate the power of scent!! I use the petals that fall away from the rose for a freash potpourri. I store the petals in an open bowl  then drizzle them with "violets and roses oil" (also used in oil burners). Use the rose potpourri in the bath and soak up the beautiful oils.

 xo xo