Thursday, 3 November 2011

Grahame Sydney...

It is difficult to believe that anyone can be this talented with a paintbrush. The paintings are so realistic that they appear to be more like photgraphs than anything constructed with intricate brush strokes. The artist responsible for these fantastic paintings is, Grahame Sydney.

Born in Dunedin in 1948, Grahame Sydney graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1969. In the Sunday Star Times it mentions that "for more than 35 years, the Central Otago landscape paintings of Grahame Sydney have become iconic images in New Zealand and abroad"

Grahame Sydney writes of his love of Central Otago, " winter is magnificent here, breathlessly still most of the time, colours all drained to a monochromatic palette of earthy browns and greys"

" photographs are about a moment, an instant captured, and about being there...painting, by contrast is much more the product of contemplation, long thought & consideration"- Grahame Sydney

His work which now spans over 4 decades, encompasses oils, watercolours, egg tempera*, lithographs*, etching, photography & film
 *egg tempera, a water-based painting process that uses egg yolk to bind pigments to a vertical surface. The paint is produced by mixing finely ground pigment, water & diluted egg yolk. 
*lithography, a printmaking process which uses a press to transfer an image initially created on a stone or metal plate onto paper. 

On the Grahame Sydney website, Keith Stewart, an art critic writes " Sydney...piles his craft with great skill & subtlety...These hills, these skies give us a voice that is unique, a voice that is evoked by the art of Grahame Sydney. It is the voice of us all". 

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