Thursday, 10 November 2011

BEE inspired by BEE's

I received a call from my dad a couple of weeks ago and in a serious tone of voice he said, "kiddo, could I ask you a favour?". In my head I was thinking, please be nothing serious...but said "yeah sure dad what's up?". He then said, "you know that honey I got down South, I want you to get me some more". Honey?! That's it?! Here I was feeling anxious by the serious voice, and he even gave a delayed pause for effect before answering, but he must have felt all this was necessary as the Honey was that important. Don't get me wrong, I like Honey, but I am not a huge fan...unlike dad. I had a school trip to Arataki Honey farm as a kid and was given a free container of Honey, which I ate, with my fingers, the entire container...which I believe was meant to be shared with the family and not consumed in one sitting. It was completely gone by the time I had walked home from school. Not my smartest moment, and ever since I don't eat too much of it. Anyway, back to dad, I knew that my duty as his daughter was to troop off to the farmers market and stockpile on honey. However to avoid doing this, I quickly typed in a few things online as I was talking to him, straight away I gave him a number to call. He was able to get all the Honey he needed sent straight to his door, and from what I have heard, it was great. All this talk about Honey got me thinking...we need to give Bees more credit...and not just for the Honey, but for their important role in pollination. I read something online which mentioned that around 1/3 of everything we eat is pollinated by Bees, yet they are mostly overlooked until one of them stings us!
So my final words here are....
BEE good to BEEs
and I say bee inspired by Bees....

for instance, this fantastic necklace by Alex Monroe...

you can take a look at all the jewellery available online at:

This is a great little Blooming Lotus Jewellery
It has a sterling honey bee + charm

 and who can resist this BEE inspired outfit...

 Also, if you are a Honey lover like my dad and wish to get hold of some great New Zealand products,
where you can find all sorts of things, including Manuka and Clover Honey.

BEE wise and appreciate all those little hardworking BEEzzzzzzz

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