Sunday, 2 October 2011

Amazing HANDiwork...

I discovered a series of paintings online called 'Handimals' by a man named, Guido Daniele. Guido is an artist who was born in 1950 and works in Milan, Italy. He graduated from Breva School of Arts majoring in sculpture. In 1990 he developed a body painting technique and his work has been used in advertising commercials, fashion events and exhibitions. I found an article online which notes that Daniele uses his son & daughter as his primary canvases, "If you're spending hours on end holding someone's hand, I'd rather it be the hand of someone I love". He also admits that the hardest part is not in the painting itself but more in seeing his paintings be washed down the drain. His Handimals collection started with Daniele working for an advertising agency to do some body paintings of animals. I have included some images below...just check out the talent! Each of the paintings has such depth and detail that it is difficult to think anyone would want to wash it off! For more images you can go check out his website which includes advertising campaigns,  hand painting and some body painting.

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