Sunday, 11 September 2011

Soul Food for a Rainy Day...

I am sitting at my desk with a hot water bottle under my feet keeping me warm, and I got thinking about life. At times we get so caught up in wanting everything to be perfect. We strive on a regular basis to get everything balanced in life, with work, health, relationships, friendships and all the other things that come with it. I don't believe things need to be perfect in all areas of our lives, sometimes we are ahead of things, sometimes we are behind, and sometimes things just are what they are.
Take a step back...
Think about the things in life that make you smile and bring you joy...
make a list,
keep it,
and revisit that list whenever you are in doubt, or feel that life isn't quite what you want it to be...
and you might be surprised...
by how many special moments life has to offer that you may have forgotten.

Here's my no specific order :)

  • Drinking chocolate milk from a wine glass in the bath, with feel so fancy :)
  • Puppies...enough said.
  • Talking on the phone with parents or friends until your ear gets hot and you swear all the phone's radiation has half cooked your brain!
  • Bringing people treats...just because you love them and for no other reason.
  • Music
  • Remembering something funny from ages ago and still finding it just as funny!
  • The beach
  • Driving in summer with all the windows down and not really knowing where your driving to.
  • Picnics in the garden
  • Spontaneous things you do, where you haven't made any plans, have no expectations...and they turn out so well.
  • Daisy chains
  • Pancakes for dinner...or any breakfast at dinner time :)
  • Walking down the river with a coffee and my mum + the dogs.
  • Sleeping in...when you were supposed to get up, but then finding out you don't have to.
  • Eating chocolate mousse in bed.
  • Climbing a tree like you did when you were a kid
  • Random cartwheels
  • A compliment from a stranger
  • Flowers!
  • Smelling something and being reminded so clearly of a memory.
  • Laughing...and trying so hard not to laugh that you make that kind of snorting noise when you eventually crack.
  • Being with someone and thinking there is no one else you would rather be with.
  • Red Liquorice &
  • Hugs :)

and the list goes on...

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