Monday, 1 August 2011


                             "What does joy sound like?"

This was the question Cadbury asked,and after 9 months...they have an answer to this question!
From events throughout New Zealand, Cadbury has collected Kiwi's sounds of joy to produce a song. The sounds of joy were then given to ten time Grammy award winner Bobby McFerrin to make 'something wonderful'. Bobby McFerrin's song 'Don't worry, Be Happy' has been voted the happiest song of all time, and his talent contributed greatly to 'The Joy Collective'. A concert was held at Sky City Theatre in Auckland where Bobby,alongside a choir,created the song backing tracks and harmonies. All proceeds from this one off concert went to 'Variety' to help children affected by the Christchurch earthquake. Check out Cadbury's great website,where you can download a copy of the song for you too,can hear what joy sounds like :)
Also,via this website,you have the opportunity to make a donation to 'Variety' which is a fantastic charity to support New Zealand children. This charity has distributed more than $12 million to Kiwi kids in need. For more information on this charity visit

Cadbury has managed to 'share the joy' in more ways than one!Each time I eat Cadbury's chocolate it brings me great joy,and now,so does this song.

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