Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kester Black

Being a proud New Zealander I am always more than happy to promote anything Kiwi. Whether it be our stunning scenery,or in this case something more particular...jewellery...ahhh jewellery. I spotted some rings the other day as I was browsing through a magazine and loved the earthy-like style to them. The rings were part of a collection by 'Kester Black'.It was the first I had heard of this label,so after a quick Google search, I found out that 'Kester Black' was actually established by a New Zealand fashion designer named Anna Ross. Ross studied Fashion Design at Otago Polytechnic and is now based in Melbourne. Her jewellery is supplied throughout both Australia and New Zealand.However,with the quality of this jewellery I predict to see an expansion!Ross produces the jewellery using materials such as "white gold, silver, minerals and hand carved wood".The mineral jewellery has a distinctly raw, earth inspired look to it that is both edgy and unique. With two collections each year her jewellery is guaranteed to satisfy through its variation of styles.Her collections to date include: White Diamonds, Kingdom of the Illuminated, Maiden Voyage, and The Sewers. I definitly recommend checking out her website, where you can see for yourself how beautiful the jewellery is. The website also offers you the chance to purchase some pieces from the collections on display.I don't know about you...but my shopping cart is already full!!
also you can check out the Facebook page...

Cluster ring, Silver, of the White Diamonds collection.

Enlightened Fall ring, of  the Kingdom of the Illuminated collection

Mineral necklace, Oil, of the White Diamonds collection
Alchemy necklace of the Kingdom of the Illuminated collection

"Alchemy is generally defined as an art which aims to change impure metals into silver or gold. The goal of the Great Work of alchemy, called also the Art, is the "Philosopher's Stone". The Stone was viewed as a magical touchstone that could immediately perfect any substance or situation".

Feather ring, of the Sewers collection

Cluster earrings, Oil, of the White Diamonds collection

Mouse bracelet, of the Maiden Voyage collection

Art Deco ring, of the Sewers collection

Just a word of warning to all the Auzzies out there, she maybe Melbourne based, but we claim this talented girl as our own!! :)

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