Sunday, 28 August 2011

Samantha Wills = Something Wonderful!

"I am lucky enough to travel the world for my job, as creative director & founder of At 28 years of age, I feel very much in the process of self discovery, in life, love & self. I think everyone sees the world creavively..." - Samantha Wills

I am in awe of Samantha Wills and her jewellery range. Not only is she stunning, but so are all her fantastic metallic creations! When I was scrolling through all the different pieces in her online collections, I had moments where I thought- This woman is a genius! The diverse range of jewellery oozes creative flair with each piece like a small work of art to be admired and appreciated. I would be spoilt for choice if I had to pick a single favourite, so here are a few...
Bohemian Bardot Earrings - Black
Bohemian inspired teardrop earrings that features an agate style marble resin, marble resin stone set in antique gold embellished plating
$65.00 AUD
Bohemian Bardot ring - Tobacco  
add a touch of vintage with this Bohemian inspired ring featuring an agate style stone & silver embellished plating $69.00 AUD

Mayan Times Earrings - Turquoise
Turquoise stones in a hand cast diamond shaped setting  $125.00 AUD
These pieces,and more, can be found on this (highly recommended) website:

for behind the scenes to this campaign.

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