Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A bag full of wisdom to take on the road...

I stumbled upon a book in the library called 'Why I am'.It had a worn black cover with no picture,just a simple title 'Why I am.John Kirwan'.So many times people tend to choose the books with the flashy covers and gripping titles,but I think sometimes the most wonderful books can be the understated ones.
John Kirwin, the author, is a New Zealand rugby union footballer and former All Black, turned coach.Kirwan has had a very successful rugby career.In 1983 Kirwan was selected to play for Auckland rugby and in 1984 made the All Blacks.He appears on the list of highest try scorers in Rugby Union history.

In his book he writes...
"I've had some incredible highs and lows in my life.Through those times I've had family and friends to share those experiences with me.Through those times people have shared inspirational thoughts with me.I continue to use them on a daily basis.I'd like to share those with you
-enjoy them-use them"JK

This is such a beautiful book consisting of quotes complemented by black & white photography.Every quote and every picture has its own story to tell...
'Positivity is contagious'

Its important to let the people around you know just how special they are.

I think this is a great quote.There are times when we are so immersed in everyday life that we forget to take the time to appreciate the smaller elements.

It was Kirwan's dad who told him these words when he snapped his achilles in 1989 and his rugby career looked like it was over.

                              "Stop questioning...

A simple book that is both emotionally and aesthetically pleasing...
and more than deserving of a place on your bookshelf.

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