Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Don't reserve DOTS just for DICE!!


I think that dots are a great way to spice up an outfit!However in making that statement,I would limit the dottiness to maybe just one item at a time. An overload of dots I doubt would be a good look for anyone, except dalmations and ladybugs! Try coloured dots if plain black'n'white dots isn't your thing. For those sceptical of illusory dotted clothing give dotted accessories a try instead!

 This is a simple Mocha Polka dot ruffle dress by Dorothy Perkins!
Blue Polka Dot sleeveless flared belted dress, a nice edition to the summer wardrobe.

These are fantastic!Red Polka dot heels...found at

Simple dotted ballet flats...can't go wrong.

Stella McCartney knows her dots!

These Stella McCartney polka dot dresses update a simple LBD. Love the sheer fabric and asymmetrical lines!

Are you DOTTY for dots yet? These Sergio Rossi Polka dot booties will do the trick!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Samantha Wills = Something Wonderful!

"I am lucky enough to travel the world for my job, as creative director & founder of At 28 years of age, I feel very much in the process of self discovery, in life, love & self. I think everyone sees the world creavively..." - Samantha Wills

I am in awe of Samantha Wills and her jewellery range. Not only is she stunning, but so are all her fantastic metallic creations! When I was scrolling through all the different pieces in her online collections, I had moments where I thought- This woman is a genius! The diverse range of jewellery oozes creative flair with each piece like a small work of art to be admired and appreciated. I would be spoilt for choice if I had to pick a single favourite, so here are a few...
Bohemian Bardot Earrings - Black
Bohemian inspired teardrop earrings that features an agate style marble resin, marble resin stone set in antique gold embellished plating
$65.00 AUD
Bohemian Bardot ring - Tobacco  
add a touch of vintage with this Bohemian inspired ring featuring an agate style stone & silver embellished plating $69.00 AUD

Mayan Times Earrings - Turquoise
Turquoise stones in a hand cast diamond shaped setting  $125.00 AUD
These pieces,and more, can be found on this (highly recommended) website:

for behind the scenes to this campaign.

Monday, 22 August 2011

ROCK it in ROC!

With summer on the way,the beautiful Lara Bingle has created a range of sunglasses in association with ROC. The range is inspired by Vanessa Paradis,the Olsen twins,and '70s style icons. 'Interpretation' is the ROC Spring/Summer 2012 collection.
Check out the ROC website

I love the stunning pictures...
Lara Bingle does a perfect job rocking the sunglasses...with ease.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Eye Candy!

Holly Howe = Holy Heck...I am liking this jewellery!
Holly Howe Collections is a Dunedin based Boutique Jewellery label launched this year. Even though this is a relatively new label, there is definite potential for growth! The jewellery's geometric shapes appear understated yet strong.I can see both a masculine and a feminine edge to the jewellery and don't necessarily see the jewellery as gender specific which is nice.Below are images of the jewellery you can purchase...for yourself..or for great gifts.
Triangle Pendant
Solid cast Sterling Silver pendant. Comes on a 75cm sterling silver chain. Oxidized. Hand finished. $256.00 NZD

Pyramid Pendant
Solid cast Sterling Silver pendant. Comes on a 75cm Sterling Silver chain. Oxidized interior. Hand finished. $300.00 NZD

I like how with this necklace you have the contrast between the soildness of the pendant and the refined silver chain. 

Faux Diamond ring
Solid cast Sterling Silver ring. Hand finished.$146.00 NZD

simple and strong, but elegant...
Facet ring
Solid cast Sterling Silver ring. Hand finished.$146.00 NZD

Pyramid ring
Solid cast Sterling Silver ring. Hand finished.$220.00 NZD.

As you can see by this picture,the jewellery looks fantastic on.The black of the outfit really compliments the silver jewellery.

This jewellery can be found in:
Angel Divine, Queenstown.
Guilty as Sin, Napier
Belle Bird, Dunedin.
also, for more pics, check out...

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Count on me..

This is such a nice feel-good song to have playing on a relaxing Sunday afternoon,
its by Bruno Mars,

Freash Soul

Freash Soul is a clothing store which began in Sydney in 2003. It has now established itself as a nationwide brand. I picked out a leather jacket from Freash Soul in a 'Famous' magazine which I thought was great.Most of the time when I am scrolling through magazines I tend to find only a few pieces of clothing I like,so I make a point of noting down their website to see what they have in terms of their collections.The clothing advertised on the Freash Soul website appears to be both wearable and affordable. Below I have hand picked out some my favourites :)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Frugal Friday Fashion!!!


Today, being Friday, its all about FASHION UNDER FIFTY! Bearing in mind you always need cash for the weekend, here are some cheap  fashion accessory ideas which won't break the bank. Everyone deserves a treat on Friday to end the week on a high!

Twinkle & Sage Dangle Braclet set
$19.90 NZD

from Wild Pair.

This is nice bright choice with Spring around the corner.
Deux Chic Navy Bag with Gold Chains
                                                        $39.90 NZD from Wild Pair
I like how unique this bag is, it reminds me of a giant envelope and would fit all the essentials

Twinkle & Sage Empress Feather necklace
                                  $29.90 NZD from Wild Pair

Theodora floral tassle scarf   $24.99 NZD from Jeanswest

Jemima Festival Bag
$34.99 NZD from Jeanswest
This is my top pick!Its a cross body bag in faux mocha crocodile leather!!

Tribal Bangle Jewellery set
$19.99 NZD from Glassons.
This bangle set would look great teamed with a maxi dress for Summer!

If you can't get to the shops, just check out the websites below for the option of online shopping

Monday, 15 August 2011

You are a Cinema..

 You are a...

..I could watch you forever!!!

I am sitting at my desk avoiding the super cold weather happening outside my window...with this great song playing!Its so uplifting I can't help but feel energized...although that could also be down to the 3 huge coffees I have had!BBBBBuuuzzzing!
Play it loud!
               I know for the rest of the day I am going to have..."You are...a ccccinemaa" in my head!
        Enjoy it.............. ..I could watch it foreverrrrrrr!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kester Black

Being a proud New Zealander I am always more than happy to promote anything Kiwi. Whether it be our stunning scenery,or in this case something more particular...jewellery...ahhh jewellery. I spotted some rings the other day as I was browsing through a magazine and loved the earthy-like style to them. The rings were part of a collection by 'Kester Black'.It was the first I had heard of this label,so after a quick Google search, I found out that 'Kester Black' was actually established by a New Zealand fashion designer named Anna Ross. Ross studied Fashion Design at Otago Polytechnic and is now based in Melbourne. Her jewellery is supplied throughout both Australia and New Zealand.However,with the quality of this jewellery I predict to see an expansion!Ross produces the jewellery using materials such as "white gold, silver, minerals and hand carved wood".The mineral jewellery has a distinctly raw, earth inspired look to it that is both edgy and unique. With two collections each year her jewellery is guaranteed to satisfy through its variation of styles.Her collections to date include: White Diamonds, Kingdom of the Illuminated, Maiden Voyage, and The Sewers. I definitly recommend checking out her website, where you can see for yourself how beautiful the jewellery is. The website also offers you the chance to purchase some pieces from the collections on display.I don't know about you...but my shopping cart is already full!!
also you can check out the Facebook page...

Cluster ring, Silver, of the White Diamonds collection.

Enlightened Fall ring, of  the Kingdom of the Illuminated collection

Mineral necklace, Oil, of the White Diamonds collection
Alchemy necklace of the Kingdom of the Illuminated collection

"Alchemy is generally defined as an art which aims to change impure metals into silver or gold. The goal of the Great Work of alchemy, called also the Art, is the "Philosopher's Stone". The Stone was viewed as a magical touchstone that could immediately perfect any substance or situation".

Feather ring, of the Sewers collection

Cluster earrings, Oil, of the White Diamonds collection

Mouse bracelet, of the Maiden Voyage collection

Art Deco ring, of the Sewers collection

Just a word of warning to all the Auzzies out there, she maybe Melbourne based, but we claim this talented girl as our own!! :)