Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dion Lee...


I first discovered this fantastic Sydney designer when I was watching TV,and one word came to mind-TALENT!.I saw the garments from Lee's RAFW 2010/2011 collection and frantically ran to grab a pen to write down his name so I wouldn't forget.The dresses stuck in my mind,they were so elegant,with all the drapery of lilac and pale blue fabric...I was in awe.Then I saw the printed fabric he used which was reminisent of Rorschach ink blot prints.These pieces were slightly more structured in the form of body-con mini dresses.I admired the designers artisitc approach to the collection and his willingness to incorporate the unusual ink blot images into his fabric,without the fear that the images would detract from the garments themselves.I have looked at Lee's 2011/2012 collection online and I can honestly say that I am still a fan. This collection is said to have a 'focus on architectual shapes and linearity'.In an article it mentions Lee's interest lies in the 'tactile nature of the fabrics,such as through origami-like manipulation and precise tailoring'.This is more apparent in his 2011/2012 RAFW collection where you can see more tailored pieces.

Rorchach ink blot test: ink blot images like this one below are used to examine a person's personality characteristics & emotional functioning from their perception of the ink blot.Lee incorporates this ink blot design idea with his own unique pattern across the fabric.

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